Monday, August 15, 2016

walaweh i can open this blog like finalleyh


what a dramatic entrance there but seriously weh wow gilaaa! loooong time ago, probably like the last time i posted something in this blog, i lost this google account password so i can't log in to blogger and all the other stuff lah. and i have long since abandon this blog and has never thought about it, apa apa isi dalam blog ni pun dah tawakkal siap siap mesti takde orang jumpa punya lah 

but today i went to stalk some old acquaintance, and found that person's blog and then i had a thought of this blog i had, so i randomly type anything that may sound like my old password, and after like 5 attempts BOOM! logged in pergh so wowww 

and scrolling scrolling down baca balik post post lama, so apparently the last time this blog was updated, i just turned 18 and result SPM pun tak keluar lagi and masa tu probably tengah kat rumah menikmati cuti 6 bulan yang panjang sampai tak tahu nak buat apa tu and tulisan nya tak boleh nak bajet lagi, asyik complain sana sini, tak matang langung pfft and...

looking at me now, i am 20 going 21 and A LOOOOT of things have changed, like i gained weight, it has been sooo long since i got my SPM result, survived some major disappointment in life, then realising it was not worth regretting at all, and got into PASUM and SURVIVED that pressuring demanding life yeahh, made a whole lot of new friends with new perangai and new level of fun, got into Medicine in UM, knowing it was much more demanding than PASUM aiyo but alhamdulillah with the help and support of my batchmates flatmates family, now i finished off first year already! (wow that last part rhymed haha!) 

see? people change a looot in just like 2 years plus. 

not just their appearance but also the inside, because whatever that we have been through will change the existing moulds of ourselves and shaping it to become the us now, and it is not going to be constant, instead it is constantly going to reshape, be added colors or painful carvings and heat but the end result is of course worth it insyaAllah

and the most wonderful thing is that with whatever that i have, had or goiing to have, we share it so it will benefit and help the people around us. because after all we are from the community and we are going back to the community in the end

Sunday, February 16, 2014

ha. zai. nun.

hey, tak malu ke?


Sunday, February 2, 2014


kita manusia

and no man is an island

tapi kalau terlalu bergantung harap pun 

sampaikan kalalu tak ada dia 
tak sedap hati

sampaikan kalau tak nampak dia 
hidup tak keruan

sampaikan kalau tak dengar berita pasal dia
tak rasa mampu nak teruskan hidup

tak elok jugak.

lagi lagi kalau ajnabi.